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Protect your Investment

Employees get access to data based on their need to know. Business critical data will not be compromised when an employee leaves the company.  

​​What’s SSO?
SSO is our new Single Sign-On (SSO) service for cloud applications. With SSO you can provide your employees with a single point of access to their web apps with just one click and one password. They no longer need to remember many different passwords.

Most SSO services are designed for big businesses. Only CIO Dynamics provides a SSO service which is designed specifically for SMBs. With no infrastructure pre-requisites, it’s effortless to deploy in order to improve security and simplify the employee cloud experience.

SSO also lets you cut costs through visibility into wasted app licenses as well as reduced help desk calls. SSO centralizes access for all your cloud apps. It offers a complete SSO solution that simplifies IT access for users while making it easier to enforce strong password policies. 

You can:

  • Deploy SSO effortlessly and available for mobile devices
  • SSO is pre-integrated with your existing identity infrastructure. This makes it simple for you to deploy.
  • No need to install additional identity infrastructure
  •  is pre-integrated with your Active Directory services
  • No admin training is required
  • Improve your security by promoting strong password policies
  • Lower the cost of your cloud
  • Easily enforce strong password policies

The more passwords users have, the more likely they are to take security shortcuts. SSO improves security because users only have one password to remember.

Provide an SSO portal for more than
1,500 cloud apps—including Salesforce, QuickBooks, and NetSuite—as well as your proprietary apps Add 2-factor authentication to any app . 

Easily enforce strong password policies
SSO reduces the two main causes of wasted money across your cloud footprint: license waste and help desk calls.

Make employees more productive
SSO gives employees one-click access to all their apps, with just one password to remember. And because it offers a simple user experience that leverages the same password employees already use for email, you’ll see high adoption rates.

Simplify the business cloud experience

  •  Eliminate the need to remember multiple passwords
  • Eliminate the need to bookmark login pages
  • Enable quick and easy access to business apps
  • Help keep users productive by eliminating the downtime caused by app switching

Conect ID

Create a single point of access for your web apps, including company and industry research services with 2FA, the strongest industry-standard authentication protocol. Simplify access and support for your users and administrators to save time and boost productivity.

Lock down your business with 2 factor authentication.

Identity & access management

Scale your cloud without sacrificing security or ease-of-use with a Single Sign-On portal for your web apps.


Reduce IT help desk calls

  • Reduce the need to reset credentials or help users access their apps
  • Provide simple access to cloud apps regardless of device or location
  • Add 2-factor authentication to decrease the likelihood of security breaches

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