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Get anywhere access. You can view and share your files on desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Increase productivity by working from home.

Easily share files of any size with your coworkers and customers. Just click share. When you can share documents with the touch of a button, more work gets done in less time.

  • No backup server needed
  • No backup drives needed
  • 256 bit encryption
  • No personnel or IT staff needed
  • No contract
  • 24/7 support
  • SLA's and BBA's provided
  • VPN connection for extra security
  • Save money and contact us today!

Your computer files are protected, secured, encrypted and always available, even offline.  There is no need to back up your data, because all your files are always in sync with all your devices the moment you save a file. All folders, documents, desktop, downloads, music, pictures, videos business files all available on all devices and securely shared with anyone you like.  Full permission control and 99.999% availability. 

Share with coworkers and clients

Our file system gives every user an activity feed. See who made changes to which documents. If you don't like the changes, revert to past versions of the document, and you won't lose any hard work. You can even recover deleted data years later.

Access files on the go

Backup & file share

A safe and secured file server replacement solution

If you could access your data anywhere in the world, how would it transform your business?

​Security, reliability and regulatory compliance for your business.

New features

Upload links – users can create links to collect files. For businesses that need to receive files from external users, this is a great alternative to external sharing.
Link permissions – users can determine if a link should be shared with View Only, View & Download, or Upload Only permissions. This permission setting is configurable by administrators.
Link expiry dates – users can set an expiry date for the web links they generate. This setting is also configurable by administrators.
New iOS app – a completely rebuilt iOS app, enabling better user experience on iPhone and iPad devices. 

Comparison chart with Box, Dropbox, Google Apps.

Get notified when updates are made

Many organizations struggle to control business content their employees share through public cloud services such as Dropbox, Google Drive and others.  These services can form a "shadow IT" organization that weakens your security and compliance posture.

Secure, encrypted and private

CIO Dynamics FileSync and share enables you to share and collaborate while keeping full control over your data, even when sharing with your customers, vendors, and partners.

See changes and undo mistakes

Enhance collaboration by following folders and receiving notifications of document changes. Know exactly when a customer signed the paperwork you sent them without contacting them.

91% of industry experts rank data breach and data loss as critical threats to cloud security.

Encrypted and Enterprise Ready

Compliance, Auditing, Two-Factor Authentication, LDAP/AD integration, device authorization and many more enterprise features are all available out of the box!

CIO Dynamics FileSync and Share

Stop worrying about your tech. With our plans, everything is integrated, maintained for you, and easy to use. Paying multiple bills each month for non-integrated and expensive tech is history.