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CIO Encryption

Email encryption
In transit: TLSv1.2
Advanced encryption with Policy-based Encrypted Email and Secure Mail
At rest: Bitlocker® (available on some versions of Exchange)

Chat & conferencing encryption
In transit: SSL/TLS
At rest: Chat transcripts are encrypted if saved in an Outlook® folder (feature enabled by user)

FileSync, file sharing and backup
In transit: SSL/TLS
At rest: Account-level encryption keys 

If data is accidentally deleted, it can be recovered 10 years later 

Voice encryption
In transit: Secure Voice (SRTP)

Single sign-on 
Multiple layers of encryption are used to protect data in transit
Server and client use a combination of 2048-bit asymmetric encryption (RSA) for communication and 256-bit symmetric encryption (AES) for sensitive data
All communication is over HTTPS secured by TLS, and is locked to a specific session
Passwords are stored server-side, hashed and salted, using an adaptive function with multiple rekeying rounds.

Email Archiving
In transit: SSL
At rest: AES-256-bit encryption