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A Cloud service provider Company


Ability to selectively enable service for end-users

Company Control Panel

  • Role-based admin access for control panel
  • Two-factor authentication for an extra layer of security
  • IP white listing/restrictions for accessing control panel


  • Granular sharing permissions
  • Custom IP restrictions (Private Cloud only)
  • Email retention policy


  • Granular sharing permissions
  • Password-protected web-links
  • Mobile app pass-codes (iOS/Android™/BlackBerry)
  • Admin file management (provides admin visibility into user content)
  • External sharing policies (Pre-approve vs Manually approve external sharing)
  • User decommissioning (By disabling FileSync for an end-user, an admin restricts future access and retains all user files)
  • Endpoint decommissioning

ConnectID Enterprise

  • App shaping (application feature control) in third-party apps
  • Audit Log in third-party apps
  • Group access to shared credentials (securely share a common login to web applications, e.g. corporate Facebook presence)

Password management

Password management is very granular, based on user role.

  • Both users and admins can reset their passwords, with the new one sent via cellphone or email address
  • "Reset password on next login" available for both Admins and Users. (Admins are able to define who will have to reset password on the next login.)

Control Panel admins have the following options:
Restrict password management by users themselves
Sync passwords from custom Active Directory based on the control panel.

Password meter" functionality for measuring password complexity/security is available
To comply with CPNI regulations, password changes trigger an email notification to the owner of the password
During onboarding, passwords are sent to admins in an encrypted file; the code to open the file is sent separately via SMS

Password policies

  • Admins, partners and Active Directory users can be subject to password policies
  • Admins can apply a default policy or build custom policies
  • The following fields are available for customization

Minimum password length

  • Password expiration period
  • Allow/deny reuse of existing passwords
  • Lock user after several wrong login attempts

Single sign-on and Cloud IAM
Our password manager provides an option to securely store web application passwords so that users only have to remember a single password

Cloud Access Security Brokers
Our password manager is a fully featured cloud access security broker.

Context Aware Policies
Our password manager Enterprise allows organizations to implement context aware policies, based on user, group, device, network, and geolocation.

Two-factor Authentication (2FA)
2FA within CIO Dynamics ConnectID supports the following:

  • CIO Dynamics VeriKey app: Push notification via iOS and Android smartphone app.
  • SMS text message
  • Voice call
  • CIO Dynamics VeriKey: One-time passcode
  • Google Authenticator: One-time passcode

Login experience
Captcha on the login page (only select pages)
Prevent dictionary attacks by locking users after several wrong attempts

Privileged user management

  • Internal administrator activities are logged and internal administrator access is routinely reviewed
  • Control Panel allows customers to review logs of admin activity on their own account
  • Administrator activity within the password manager is logged separately