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A Cloud service provider Company

Multi-tenant platform security

  • Multiple redundant, enterprise-class firewall systems
  • Multiple redundant carrier grade intrusion protection systems (IPS)

Physical security

  • Closed-circuit TV
  • Secure access policies
  • Security guards

DDoS protection

  • Redundant internet service providers
  • Mitigates the potential impact of DDoS attacks
  • All CIO Dynamics services are protected by 24x7x365 DDoS mitigation services from leading provider

Account protection

  • Stringent caller identification procedures authenticate a caller’s identity during support and service calls
  • Secure Email Gateways
  • Every email sent and received by CIO Dynamics is filtered and vetted by our secure email gateways

Incident response

  • Alerting and monitoring within our security operations center



Employee security

  • Background checks
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Role-based access control
  • Restricted server access

Dedicated, full-time security staff manage all aspects of security, including:

  • Log correlation and event monitoring
  • Incident response
  • Managing intrusion detection systems (both host and network)
  • Perimeter defense
  • Service and architecture testing
  • Source code reviews
  • Vulnerability Management

Perimeter/network security

  • Intrusion prevention and detection
  • Network access control
  • Enterprise-class firewalls