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Server backup

  • CIO Dynamics retains at least 3 copies of your data available for recovery for up to 10 years
  • These copies reside on physical disks in separate corners of our database quadrant
  • This ensures service availability in the event that a storage unit experiences a failure
  • This design makes it highly unlikely that corrupt data will replicate from one copy to another

Outlook Backup

  • Customer-manageable backups
  • Customize-able Backup Schedules for reoccurring backup jobs
  • Retention policy options to help manage storage
  • Available options to download and upload Outlook PST backups through any FTP clients

File Sync Sharing and backup

  • Customer data is stored on EMC Isilon NAS which consists of 2 sets of 3 redundant storage nodes
  • Data is configured for N+2:1 redundancy to sustain both disk drive and node failures
  • There at least 2 copies and up to 7 copies of each customer file
  • Data is additionally protected by snapshots which are scheduled once a day
  • Each snapshot is retained for a month

Email Archiving

  • 3 copies of archived data, located in multiple datacenters